Getting to Vitsi Lodge


The two self-catering Houses of Vitsi Lodge, are located within the area of Orestiada lake just outside the town of Kastoria, at the province of Vitsi mountain:

  • From Thessaloniki or Athens you may wish to  drive to Kastoria. The journey is approximately 2 1/2 hours from thessaloniki, 5 hours from athens, without stops. However the route takes you through some beautiful scenery, so you may likely want to make some rest stops along the way. The Meteora, situated in the city of Kalambaka is a great place to break up the drive, coming from Athens.

  • All major car rental companies have branches in Kastoria. A 4-wheel-drive vehicle is not necessary, though you will need a HIGH-CLEARANCE 2-wheel-drive vehicle to enjoy the dirt roads. A standard passenger vehicle is necessary in more rural roads. Rural roads offer some of the most beautiful and enjoyable drives. Whether you are driving on a rural road out of necessity or to experience scenic vistas, you should take special precautions. Be sure to also get a car with snow tyres or chains during the winter. GPS is available as an additional option.
  • If you still want to view the scenery, but do not want to drive yourself, there is a shuttle company (KTEL) which make the trip from Thessaloniki or Athens to Kastoria several times per day. You will be dropped off at the Kastoria city Centre, just a few steps away from the car rental agencies.

  • Would you prefer to fly? There is a daily service from Athens to Kastoria airport. Car rental is available at the airport after notice. You MUST reserve a car prior to landing in Kastoria, as may not be available a car if you do not book ahead.